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We are lawyers in criminal law.

We advise, represent and defend.
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Law OfficeLaw Office

We are lawyers in the field of criminal law.

Defense of Individuals

We defend accused parties in all stages of criminal proceedings.
We represent businesses as accessory parties in proceedings.
We act as counsel in third party interventions.

Consulting and Representation

We advise companies on issues concerning criminal law and compliance.
We represent companies that are victims of criminal acts.

Specialization and Network

We work exclusively in the field of criminal law, but also in all legal areas of criminal law. We have a reliable network of colleagues who are specialists in criminal law and other legal areas with whom we can effectively collaborate as needed. 

Training and Education

We regularly attend advanced training classes and are involved as instructors in advanced training seminars. We regularly publish articles on criminal law and train law clerks.

Data Security

We secure our internal and external communication using high security standards.



Eberhard Kempf, Lawyer
Dr. Hellen Schilling, Lawyer
Dr. Johannes Corsten, Lawyer
Certified Specialists for Criminal Law | partner

Christoph Tute, Lawyer
Dr. Jörg Oesterle, LL.B. (London), Lawyer

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D-60325 Frankfurt/Main
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